Thursday, 3 April 2014

The Fashion Blogger Bucket List

We all have dreams and aspirations, things we want to achieve and do. Being a fashion enthusiast I had always wanted to start my own blog, and write about the things I love. My blog is still very new and I'm still getting the hang of thing and learning the ins and outs. To help me along the way I've put together a list of things I want to achieve, short term and long term. Some of these ideas may seem impossible, but I have always been pretty optimistic. I hope it inspires and helps you too.

1. Blog everyday for a month

2. Make new friends through my blog

3. Go to blogger meet ups

4. Post more about my outfits

5. Have my own domain and site

6. Take more photo's

7. Own a Chanel classic flap bag (one of my most favourite handbags)
8. Go to New York

9. Guest post on someone's blog

10. Attend a fashion show

11. Be successful and feel proud of myself

12. Be featured in a magazine/ interviewed

13. Attend fashion week

14. Get to know my readers

15. Inspire someone else

16.  Post more DIY's

17. Travel with my blog

18. Work within the fashion industry

19. Be recognised for my style

20. Have my own walk in closet

21. Continue to buy more shoes

22. Use my blog  to help a charity

23. Make a difference in the world

24. Start my own fashion line or business

25. Find the perfect leather jacket


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  2. Thankyou :)
    I've just checked out your blog, it's fabulous!

  3. aha find the perfect leather jacket is just a life ambition!!! Love the list!
    Lucinda @ xx

  4. Good luck! I can say I've done a few of them, but I am VERY far away from having the chanel bag, aha xx Rebecca - UK fashion blog

  5. Love this! I'm totally going to write my own blogging bucket list now!

  6. Such a great bucket list! Hope everything works out! <3

  7. This is fabulous!! Good Luck and Congrats for starting your blog. :) I just passed my first blog birthday (
    xoxo Aimee

  8. Love your Blog, Mine is more beauty related but I ya want to have a look. :) , I am on bloglovin aswell. .

  9. Nice post dear!!

  10. Love this post, really has inspired me to continue persevering with my blog!

  11. Nice going! Like your list and wish best of luck! With lots of effort and hard work you can achieve anything you want. Be yourself and believe in yourself.

  12. Nice blog my dear! You have gained a new follower! Xoxo

  13. Nice post:)