Tuesday, 11 March 2014

There is more to happiness than clothes and shoes


I must admit, shopping brings me great happiness but ofcourse this is only temporary isn't it? That feeling doesn't last forever. Buying clothes and shoes is one of my not so guilty pleasures, because well it makes me happy. For a couple of days or so. When I'm bored or need a little 'pick me up' I often find myself heading towards stores and spending money. Don't we all? Which makes me wonder... Shouldn't we be enjoying the more simple things in life... Not just that but shouldn't we be thinking more positive and seizing the day? Which is why I am finding new ways to think positive and enjoy life, because eventhough we may not realise it, it really is such a gift to be alive and we should be making the most of it. Happiness comes in all different shapes and forms.

The first step to happiness is to THINK POSITIVE, as I know a lot of people can be negative and quite hard on themselves (especially me). As soon as you banish those negative thoughts, you become less stressed and have less to worry about. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. If theres something you want to do or something you want to achieve, think positive, set yourself goals, and you will find everything just falls into place. LIVE IN THE NOW. Instead of worrying about something from the past or your future, think about today. Remember everyday is a new chance to change your life. CHASE YOUR DREAMS. Don't give up on something that makes you happy. Sitting around wondering when something is going to happen will only waste time. So go out and make it happen! Look for good opportunities in life. Take risks. If your dreams don't scare you, they aren't big enough. SMILE MORE. As the saying goes 'When you smile, the world smiles with you' which is true. A simple smile could make someone's day. It may seem silly, but even smiling to yourself, makes you feel that little bit extra happy.

There are plenty of other ways to feel more positive and be happy within yourself. EXERCISE is a great way to relieve stress or anxiety. A little bit of yoga or a visit to the gym can really bring your stress levels down. Of course shopping for hours is a workout in itself, Doing something like yoga or a workout helps you to relax and no doubt you are always feeling positive afterwards. Another bonus, its totally free! READ A BOOK. Get lost in a book for a couple of hours. Reading keeps the brain active and your mind occupied. So find a book you really enjoy and get stuck in. GO OUTDOORS. Sometimes you just need to go outside and look up at the sky. Get a little fresh air, go for a walk. Sometimes its the little thing in life, the natural beauty around us which can really make us smile. SOCIALISE. And I don't just mean over the internet or on the phone. Catch up with an old friend, go for coffee. Sometimes its nice just to have company, as I know a lot of people spend their time communicating on social media sites rather than in person, which can often leave us feeling somewhat neglected. Its  nice to have a change of scenery and someone around. Life is better when you're laughing.


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